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Wichita Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Wichita is both the largest city in Kansas and the home of most of the US aircraft industry and state broadcast television market. It’s a hub for shopping and industry, meaning that most of Kansas resides in its area, if not around it in the suburbs. Since it’s a source of jobs and growth for the state as a whole, many people decide to call it home. The homes in the area have to be updated though, since some have resided there since the settling of the state, or at least they have not been updated since the 50s or 60s. Bathrooms are usually not an exception in such cases. Remodeling contractors charge about $6,536 to update bathrooms in the city, though it can be lower at $5,927 or higher at $7,145 if the bathroom needs less or more work, respectively.

Focusing on Elements, Not Fads in Wichita Bathrooms

Trends come and go in bathroom remodeling, but there are elements that remain constant. That’s what Wichita homeowners seem to keep in mind when updating their bathrooms these days. While they might incorporate certain trends, it’s more about the pieces than making the bathroom look like what’s in magazines. For example, modern bathrooms are currently on the rise across the country. However, in ten or fifteen years the trend could change again. To combat that, Wichita residents are focusing on making their bathrooms accessible, taking modern bathroom’s simplicity and focus on the bathtub and toilet being simple, white, and clean as integral to their remodels. They might add certain accessories or parts from other styles like traditional or eclectic to make the space more their own, but the room will be easy to change with the times.

Doing this, focusing on the elements, allows a room to be fluid rather than part of one decade or trend. Changing it will then be easier for that same homeowner or a future one, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a whole new remodel. That’s where things energy efficient upgrades are also useful, as well as neutral colors and simple accessories. Making everything easy and flow well keeps the bathroom nice and attractive, rather than necessitating an upgrade with every new trend that comes around.

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