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Costs of a Bathroom Remodel

Virginia Beach Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

As the most populous city in the state of Virginia and a beach city, Virginia Beach is a popular destination for in-state and out-of-state residents. Whether it’s just for the summer or a permanent move, Virginians like to find a nice place to stay within close distance of the beach to enjoy the view or the ocean. Homes in the area deal with some severe weather every now and again, but mostly it’s usage from residents that persist the need for renovations and remodels in every room including the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling contractors charge an average of $13,470 to renovate spaces in the area, with the price in flux from $12,055 to $15,425 depending on what needs to be completed in each home or multiple bathrooms.

Creating Spa Bathrooms in Virginia Beach Homes

Whether in beach homes or in the suburbs of the city, many Virginia Beach residents are converting their bathrooms from the simple necessities into a spa room. Some of these renovations involve just installing a jacuzzi tub or a walk-in shower that gives the sauna feel. It’s simple and to the point, which allows for plenty of relaxation after a long day at home. They’re also two good ways to get the spa experience without spending money on a complete change of the bathroom, if that’s something homeowners might not have the budget for at the time and need to save up for.

If they’re remodeling though, a spa bathroom will be large and open, with both a spa bathtub and a walk-in shower that’s glass on the outside. It will have tiling, nice accessories like soft towels and granite countertops. The mirrors will be framed, possibly gilded. There will be other accessories like candles, maybe robes hanging near the tub or shower. The toilet might be isolated from the rest of the room for privacy as well. It’s all about comfort, and the room’s every piece will be designed with that in mind. Contractors will help homeowners decide exactly what kind of spa room they want, and the end result will be a room they’ll never want to leave.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Virginia Beach

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