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Tulsa Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma, rests in the most populous county, and lies in “Tornado Alley”. While it is considered one of the most livable cities in the United States, it also deals with a lot of severe weather. This means that homes sometimes get severe damage or even demolished by the natural elements, calling for remodels, renovations and additions by contractors in the area. Tulsa bathroom remodeling contractors estimate about $7,125 for a complete bathroom overhaul, with the price varying in the range of $6,119 to $8,131 from project to project. It’s important for Tulsa residents to remodel their bathrooms if they get a chance to better withstand the weather conditions.

Natural Tulsa Bathrooms

In addition to reinforcing their bathrooms, Tulsa residents are bringing the natural back into the bathroom. The natural theme takes form in different ways in the bathroom, whether it’s in the flooring and cabinetry’s wooden materials or in more stylistic ways. Bamboo or regular hardwood are two materials that often help to create the natural look and feel in a bathroom, either through the cabinetry, countertops or flooring, maybe even all three. Some homeowners even use wood as framing on the walls over the drywall. It’s a way to add a breathing, living element to the bathroom that’s reminiscent of the outdoors. There are even wooden accessories like towel racks, handlebars, toilet paper holders and so on that can be added to enhance this feel.

Stylistic changes to create the natural feel might be painting the bathroom a green color on the walls or adding energy efficient bulbs, a dual-flow toilet and low-flow faucets in the tub and sink. It’s a good way to give back to nature or create a feel of nature without using materials from the landscape. Using energy-efficient windows to bring in more natural light is another method by which to do this. There are various changes that homeowners can make like this, either mixing the two or doing one or the other, to create such a look and get in touch with the natural or greener side in their bathroom.

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