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Costs of a Bathroom Remodel

San Jose Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

San Jose is the seat of Silicon Valley, one of the largest cities in California and a major hub in the greater Bay Area. As a major city for Silicon Valley, there are always new startups and technology folks looking to make the valley their new home as they explore revolutionary ideas. Looking for a place to live in the area means that homes need to have everything they’re looking for and be up to speed with the latest innovations. San Jose contractors are always willing to help renovate rooms in that pursuit, including bathrooms. Bathroom remodeling will run between $12,000 and $16,000, meaning that most homeowners should budget for about $14,000 in remodeling or updating.

Updating Bathrooms in San Jose

Many homes in San Jose have some semblance of the 60s and 70s still in them. Whether it’s in the exterior, living room, kitchen, or the bathroom, they need to be updated to meet the demand of those looking for the latest in technology. So rooms like the bathroom need to be brought into the present. Plumbing in the bathroom will need to be updated, with rusting parts replaced to avoid leaks or future disasters. Any wallpaper or flooring that looks outdated, fading or otherwise out of place with the rest of the house needs to be changed. Bright colors on the wall or the cabinetry are often painted over with more neutral colors. The cabinets will be redone in white or sanded down to their natural brown color and stained.

In terms of the bathtub and shower, most people will replace those if they’re too old or some strange color like blue or pink, as some old houses had. Some homeowners might even choose to upgrade to one or the other rather than a combination. Sinks might be replaced as well to match these new pieces, as well as the toilet. Energy efficient upgrades might also be a good idea to consider when remodeling the bathroom and bringing it into the present.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in San Jose

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