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Average Bathroom Remodel Prices

San Francisco Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

As the second most inhabited major city after New York City and the center of the Bay Area, San Francisco has many homes and apartments that overlook the bay and the downtown area from the hill. Some of these homes have not been renovated in a long time, and the city continues to receive new prospective homeowners, as it is the fourth largest city in the state of California. Contractors in the area will charge sellers or new homebuyers about $16,500 to remodel their bathrooms, though the average cost can variate from $14,375 up to $18,625 depending on what needs to be done and how many updates might be involved.

Bringing Europe into San Francisco Bathrooms

San Francisco bathrooms have limited space often because of how close homes in the area are to one another. As a result, many homeowners are turning to the European style of bathrooms to compensate. European bathrooms are, by design, thinner and longer than regular bathrooms found in the United States. They often have showers without a lip in the floor to gather the water, rather just having a drain and a curtain around a certain space but otherwise part of the room. The toilet is smaller and installed as a drop type in the wall. If there is a tub it is long and narrow with a short lip of two feet, and the faucet is against the wall. Sometimes it’s even removable for bathing.

Another specific thing about European bathrooms is the bidet. Installed in place of a sink and sometimes toilet paper, these look similar to toilets and can be used to wash and rinse the hands and feet. They’re usually made of porcelain and oval-like in shape. They’re low to the ground enough for the feet to each. They don’t have a flushing ability and should not be confused as the toilet. They’re very common in private bathrooms in Europe, though not so much in public ones. Homeowners in San Francisco should consider them, especially if they’re major walkers who get their feet dirty a lot but might want to avoid a full-body shower or bath some nights. European bathrooms help save space with their ability to fit the necessities into small spaces, making them particularly useful for homes in the Bay Area.

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