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Prices for a Bathroom Remodel

Sacramento Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Sacramento is the capital of California and the sixth largest city in the state. It’s a booming metropolis with various suburbs on all sides that have homes that have changes and remolded since the days of the frontier and thereafter. The bathrooms in them need updates as such, which contractors in the area have the experience and knowledge to handle. They will charge about $10,725, though the prices can change from $9,169 to $12,281 if the extents of the project fall below or excel regular requirements involved in a renovation.

Opening Up Sacramento Bathrooms

Sacramento’s beautiful landscape and the natural beauty associated with the state of California means that many homeowners therein like to open up their bathrooms and make them more airy. They also like to make the space more open and airy with or without the view. Making the bathroom more open allows for easier movement and space for storage or multiple people to get in and around. The bathroom’s size will factor in when making it more open, but there are ways no matter the size to do so.

One step to take in this process is to make the vanity standalone rather than part of a larger cabinet space. The sink can be of the drop style, with the mirror above it. The cabinets can be recessed in the wall, or there can be more storage space in small standalone shelves that can be nailed to the wall or stand on the floor. Making the bathroom airy also occurs when the window is large and open onto the landscape. Making the bathtub thinner but deeper also works, as does a walk in shower that’s thin but long works, too. The flooring will help as well, with thin straight wood flooring or tile flooring that flows with the rest of the bathroom making a good choice. Accessories should be included but minimal to add just enough to the room for accents but not so much that it overwhelms.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Sacramento

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