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Costs to Remodel a Bathroom

Portland Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Portland, the “City of Roses”, is one of the most popular cities in Oregon. Located in a state close to the lush city of Seattle and the nearby metropolis areas in northern California, it’s a good middle area to call home. It allows for easy access to either, and it’s a nice place to live all on its own, especially for those who like the phrase “Keep Portland Weird”. Homes in the area need renovations in different rooms from time to time, including bathrooms. Estimates run from $10,294 to $13,822, with an average of $12,058 spent on bathroom remodeling projects.

Rest and Relaxation Focus in Portland Bathrooms

While relaxation should be key by default in bathrooms, sometimes homeowners like to make it extra comfy so it turns into a spa-like retreat after a long day. Portland homeowners do this on an increasing such that their restful spaces transform into more than the regular bathroom. It will sometimes involve just a few changes, while other times walls might have to come down. Portland residents will have to make decisions based on what they have in mind, what the contractor recommends, and their budget.

Some changes to consider might be an accent wall, dimming the lights, adding an ornate mirror over the vanity, a spa tub, or other additions to the bathroom that make it seem like a restful regression from the world after a long. Light dimming in particular makes it seem like a getaway, blending it with the night when it’s time for sleep. On a grander scale there’s uprooting the floor and replacing it with bamboo or taking down a wall to put in large windows, which brings in a nice view. These two allow for more naturalism in the bathroom, rather than cutting one off from the natural world. That can be very relaxing for people, especially if they’re in an office space all day with no natural light or view outdoors. Mixing and matching both large and tiny projects like these will help create the right R&R design to fit any Portland homeowner’s needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Professionals in Portland

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