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Average Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Omaha Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Omaha, Nebraska is home to five Fortune 500 companies with burgeoning capital and job markets for people to enter every day. The need for housing for these individuals grows with every passing year, meaning that remodels and additions are necessary. Bathroom remodeling and additions to homes fall under this category, and contractors in the Omaha area charge about $6,925. The price can change from $5,819 to $8,031 for each project.

The winter weather in Omaha means that having good insulation in the bathroom will be important, no matter what kind of design a homeowner chooses. Windows need to be checked for leaking, cracks in the glass or any holes in the wood framing. The walls’ insulation should be double-checked or if reconstructed, should include good materials that will last for a long time. Also check the ventilation to make sure there’s no leakage.

Walking into Comfort Bathtubs in Omaha Bathrooms

For ease of accessibility, increase water depth and to help after a long work day, many homeowners in Omaha are choosing to install walk-in bathtubs in their bathrooms. These bathtubs make it easy for people of any age to easily navigate the bathtub by simply opening a door to get into the bathtub rather than stepping over the lip, which can be quite tall and trip people. The tub is still deep to allow for a full-body bath, and the door shuts tightly to keep all of the water in. It doesn’t detract any value from the rest of the bathtub and allows for a nice soak after a long day.

These bathtubs can be part of a larger accessibility project in the bathroom, or they can just be a solo project. Homeowners should check and see how the bathtub fits with their design plans, and if they can make additional changes that will fit into the remodel. Bathrooms that age with people often are worth more than ones that are less accessible.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Omaha

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