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Estimates for a Bathroom Remodel

San Francisco Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

As the third-largest suburb near the Bay Area, Oakland has many houses up for grabs constantly that commuters need to be closer to San Francisco. It’s also a nice play for those who need to be close but not too close to a big hub in California. Realtors and homeowners in the area help prospective homebuyers in the search process by improving homes. Remodels often factor into this project, with bathrooms as one of the more popular modes by which to make a house look better. Contractors estimate anywhere between $14,375 and $18,625 to update bathrooms in Oakland. On average, this means homeowners will pay $16,500.

Because of its proximity to San Francisco, it’s important that Oakland homebuyers get the right contractor for the job. Some of them might be contractors that work in the Bay Area rather than in Oakland, which means they could charge more. Double-check their location in proximity to the home and get multiple estimates. Getting the best job completed for a great remodel means having a good contractor to work with who gets efficient materials and works in a timely manner.

Cost-Efficient Bathrooms in Oakland

Oakland bathroom remodeling means that the remodel will look good but cost less by the end. It will likely be completed in pieces over time, rather than all at once. The materials will be of good quality but not the highest, most expensive variety. If the remodel is done all at once, homeowners will buy some of the materials and perform some of the installations on their own rather than relying solely on the contractor for all of the work.

The key is saving money where possible: self-installation, materials, time. If homeowners can save in any of these categories, they are able to shave a little bit of money off of the entire project, which can go into other remodeling projects or further renovations on the bathroom on a later date. Of course, it’s important to pick and choose the projects that professionals aren’t necessarily needed on, rather than the ones where their expertise ensures no problems down the line. Installing cabinets, for example, might be a project homeowners can do whereas installing plumbing should be handled by a professional.

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