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Bathroom Remodel Estimates

New York Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom in New York City means that there will be contractors who service different areas, whether it’s Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan and so on. It’s important to be aware of which one is closest versus on the other island of the city, as this could affect cost and time. On average, contractors in the city will charge $11,472 for a bathroom renovation, though this price has been known to vary between $9,854 and $13,090. These prices do not include calling one who might live outside the normal service area of their business, though.

Time is a factor that should be taken into account though. How long do you want to spend on this project? Is it something you can do within budget all at once, or should it be in pieces? Contractors will need time to do a remodel, which means you might be without a bathroom for a while. If you have an alternative place, then it will be no problem. Otherwise, homeowners in New York will need to figure out a plan before the work begins.

Small Bathrooms, Big Apple Ideas

Because of the many townhomes, apartments and closely fit together homes in the New York City area, there are not many large bathrooms. This means that renovations have to take place in bathrooms with less square footage than a master bathroom. However, that doesn’t stop homeowners from finding creative ways to take their small bathrooms and transform them into a space they’ve always wanted. Small space only limits accessories and the size of bathtubs or showers. It does not limit what they can have in terms of storage, vanity space, or even the types of showers and tubs.

Small bathrooms allow for special styles like minimalist and modern, both of which are becoming extremely popular, not just in New York City. They also allow for plenty of space in a bathroom without compromising on amenities. There can be a well-sized bath or shower with storage space, well-placed toilet, sink and vanity space. Color choices will depend on what homeowners are looking for, though most modern and minimalist styles stick to black, white and neutral colors. Accessories will add that accent color to finish it off. These rooms will look chic and spacious because they allow for plenty of movement while remaining comfortable and relaxing.

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