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Bathroom Remodel Costs

Minneapolis Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Minneapolis is the epicenter of Minnesota, with the Mall of America, many lakes to swim in during the summer, and other places for entertainment and fun throughout the year. As the largest city in the state, it’s a flocking metropolis for in and out of state citizens. Bathrooms in the houses people come to live in constantly need to be remodeled to meet new demands. The price for a bathroom remodel averages at about $8,228, though it can change from $7,046 to $9,410.

Design plans should be considered before calling in the contractor for the remodel. What styles suits your needs or desires the best? Are you planning on a complete overhaul or just a few changes at a time? Will you be planning for energy efficient upgrades at the same time? Deciding all of this ahead of time can be hard, and coming up with an actual image can be even tougher. Calling an architect or designer to help draw up the plans might save time spent stressing, especially if the web does not yield exactly the right photos to show to the contractor.

Staying Warm in Minneapolis

To remodel bathrooms in Minneapolis means not only updating them but also staying warm. Many changes made to bathrooms in homes focus on making sure homeowners will be absolutely warm during those cold, snowy winter nights that Minnesota is famous for, especially in Minneapolis. Installing spa tubs is one way to ensure this, along with multiple showerheads or a walk-in shower that goes from floor to ceiling. Having these amenities keeps the fingers and toes comfy after a long day trekking outside in the wind and snow.

Functionally, redesigning a bathroom against the cold means good insulation and ventilation. Having both means keeping everything airtight, so the thermostat will not come on as often, and so the heat will stay indoors. Having a hot bathtub full of water or a shower is less effective if cold air is seeping in. If there are windows in the bathroom, they need to be checked or removed if remodeling. Taking these steps and adding such warmth-inducing pieces ensures a better winter for homeowners.

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