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Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Memphis Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

As the second largest city in Tennessee, Memphis has a blending of cultures that shows itself in the housing market. Whether it’s in the exterior or interior, houses could reflect the southern charm, blues, country or mountain style that makes Tennessee stand apart from other states in the US. Often that means there’s always a mix of expressions from the different people who live in them. This leads to a need to update and conform before new people move in. The bathroom needs these updates as well. Contractors will charge an average of $14,432 to renovate a bathroom in Memphis, though it can vary from $12,824 to $16,040.

Culture is very much a part of Memphis’ cityscape, so it should be taken into account when considering a redesign. Consider adding in pieces of the city’s styles, whether it’s the country aspect, blues or natural landscape. There are small and big ways to do this, from certain accessories to complete redos to create American or British country style in the bathroom. Designers will have a litany of styles from previous contracts that they can use as bases for a new design for your bathroom.

Memphis and New Bathroom Technologies

Bathroom remodeling in Memphis focuses on installing new technologies to drive up the value of the bathroom, which increases the value of the home as a result. There are various new technologies on the market that make the bathroom move into the 21st century and add onto the comfort and luxury of the homeowner. Some of these include digital showerhead for listening to music while bathing, LED-light tub for bathing in the dark, and a built-in TV that’s water-resistant.

More on the function side, there are choices like energy-efficient faucets and toilets, touch-activated faucets, humidity-resistant cabinet design, and a timer that alerts you for when to wrap up a bath. These gadgets help the bathroom in a more perfunctory manner while still looking good and adding onto the value of the bathroom. Choosing which ones to install depend on the budget and what adds best to the room’s look and feel. Consult a contractor if uncertain.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Memphis

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