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Prices to Remodel a Bathroom

Louisville Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Louisville, Kentucky is the only first-class city in the state and largest city as well. As what used to be one of the main port cities on the Ohio River, Louisville has many buildings that can be considered historic and still inhabitable. As people move in and out of them, they need to be renovated and updated. Contractors will charge $6,389 on average to make these changes, though it can change from $5,292 to $7,486 depending on the breadth of the project and the last time the house was updated.

Because of the many historic houses in Louisville, homeowners need to be aware of the plumbing and any other old installations that might affect a new bathroom or a renovation of an old one. They’ll want to avoid leaks, cracks, holes, places for pests to get in, and also to make sure the new bathroom will match the rest of the historic home if they live in one. While updating the bathroom is important, having one that standards apart from the rest of the house not only looks eccentric but could devalue it during resale. A designer can help in creating a balance between modernity and vintage.

Saving Energy in Louisville Bathrooms

Just like the city consistently moves towards natural preservation, so, too, do homes always work to be energy efficient. Increasing the energy efficiency decreases their water and electricity costs, along with allowing for return on a future investment in terms of the resale value. For homeowners looking to upgrade, it’s a matter of exactly what they want to make energy efficient. So Louisville residents will add LED lights, a dual-flush toilet, low-flow showerheads and faucets, along with installing cabinets and countertops made from recyclable materials.

These projects will cost more in the beginning, but they mean more value on the bathroom and by extension the whole house in the long run. Having them also means longevity in the bathroom. Getting the best type of each will depend on what matches the design, or what the plumbing can handle if the bath is renovated rather than redesigned.

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