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Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Los Angeles Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Los Angeles, California is a booming metro area in the heart of southern California. As such, there are always old homes that get moved out of to soon be bought by new people. Before that though, they need to be renovated in many areas with the latest upgrades. The bathroom is no exception. On average a homeowner selling or recently coming into ownership of a home will pay about $17,348 on a bathroom renovation, though the price can vary from $15,261 to $19,435.

As these homeowners are working on the renovation, they should consider upgrades. Do they need a new bathtub or showerhead? What about energy efficient upgrades? What will make the bathroom worth more without compromising the ideal design they have in mind? Contractors are there to follow a plan, but architects and designers can be good resources for creating that mock plan in the first place.

Optimizing Small Bathrooms in Los Angeles

Because of the sprawling metro area, many bathrooms in Los Angeles are less than master bathroom size. When it comes time to remodel them, that means they can’t be expanded into greater square feet. So how do they make the most out of these small bathrooms? One approach is the minimalist style. By upgrading the bathtub or shower and adding efficient storage space and standalone sink space, the bathroom has more room and less clutter. It’s a good style to use in less square footage that still achieves a modern look that’s appealing to many.

Another approach is having any kind of style without adding too many accessories. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, modern or any other, the key is to not add too much. Accessories in moderation is part of this approach, so is good storage space, whether installed into the wall or standing. Lighting that’s installed into the ceiling helps to save space as well without compromising for a dark space. Making these changes to a small, possibly retro bathroom will increase its value while keeping it open for the homeowner.

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