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Sitting near the California oceanfront, Long Beach houses get some of the most intriguing weather patterns and enjoy some great landscapes when situated on the beaches. These houses have to be kept in the best conditions for the many people who come and go. So contractors are hired to renovate and update them as old people leave and before new people move in. Bathroom remodeling will cost between $15,261 and $19,435 in Long Beach, meaning that most homeowners or realtors will spend about $17,348 on average to update them.

Because of the beach climate and landscape, it’s important that the bathrooms have proper protection against any sand or winds. If there’s a window in the bathroom, check for any leaks or breaks in the glass. Make sure the ventilation is protected on the outside as to avoid sand getting inside. Make sure the siding around the bathroom area is solid. Insulation is also important for those warm days, as to avoid any air getting out from the bathroom during a bath or shower. Having a nice beach outside is fine as long as it can be separated from the inside.

Adding Extra Touches to Bathrooms in Long Beach

Long Beach homes, whether they’re on the beach or in the main area, will each have their own special touches to make them more homey and special. The focus therein, in terms of the bathrooms, will be on the fixtures and accessories. Homeowners will change the general lighting and the accessories in the bathroom to accent it or make it more their own.

In terms of lighting, they can choose to do LED lights, hanging, standing, accent, colored, and many more. It will depend on the schema of the room, available space in the room (ceiling, wall and floor), and how much light is enough without going too bright. They might use one kind of light or mix multiples, depending on which types work the best to set off the room. Consulting an electrician and a designer always helps in this situation.

Then it’s the accessories. Towels, shower curtains, plants, artwork, rugs, and so on: all of these will add a little bit extra to the room. The point is not to detract from the natural design or appeal. So often if the room is a neutral color, the accessories will be colorful but not too much so. The color scheme might be just one or two colors, not multiple. Because it’s in a beach area, plants might be tropical palms and bushes. Combinations will occur in conjunction with the lighting to create the best look.

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