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Estimating a Bathroom Remodel

Jacksonville Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

As a major filming location and most inhabited city in the state of Florida, Jacksonville has more than 500 neighborhoods, which translates into thousands of home and bathrooms that need renovation. Many of the homes have been there since the early days of the city, changed in bits and pieces throughout the centuries to keep up with standard housing codes. However, many need that extra touch of modernity to make them appealing. Contractors will quote between $7,064 and $9,440 to help homeowners bring their bathrooms up to speed. On average, this means Jacksonville homeowner are looking at a bill around $8,252.

Jacksonville’s climate is important to keep in mind when redesigning a bathroom. It’s tropical, lush and very warm, meaning that coolness in the bathroom is a must. Make sure to have good insulation and ventilation throughout, as to avoid any leaking air that could kick on the thermostat or warm up the house quickly. Make sure your water system and plumbing are in good condition for when you attach new pipes for the bathtub, shower, toilet and faucet in the sink. Taking the right steps to ensure a good bathroom for a tropical climate will save on time and trouble later.

Trendy Updated Bathrooms in Jacksonville

Because of its popularity in and out of state, Jacksonville homeowners always work to keep their bathrooms up to speed with the latest designs, as to attract more prospective homebuyers when they consider moving. This means having the most modern editions, like energy efficient installations. It also means following popular design styles, which changes with every year in the city. Trends are a big part of the redesign process, and many will talk with a contractor or designer beforehand to learn more about trends, in addition to independent research.

Popular styles that might be installed in Jacksonville include traditional, transitional, contemporary, tropical, Mediterranean, or a mixture of more than one to create just the right look with the home and the current trends. Decorations are key to complete the room, whether it’s art or photography. Having accessories like special towels, curtains and shower curtain help to accent the room. Some of these rooms will be more colorful than others, depending on the style that’s in at the time. It’s all about timing for when a Jacksonville homeowner renovates their bathroom and how they incorporate the trends into their new bathroom.

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