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Costs to Remodel a Bathroom

Indianapolis Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Indianapolis, as the most populous city in Indiana, has a lot of people coming into the city and making it their home. As such, it’s important that older homes or brand-new ones have exceptional bathrooms for the influx of individuals. People who own homes and are looking to sell them in Indianapolis will often upgrade or redo the bathroom to better match the needs of newcomers. Contractors in the area charge between $7,957 and $10,361 for the renovation of a bathroom. This means most projects will average out around $9,159.

Indianapolis homeowners looking to remodel need to consider whether they want a minimalist style or regular style. Some bathrooms function better when they’re of a minimalist style than when they’re more accentuated or decorative. Minimalist style means just the basics: shower or tub (or both), sink, toilet, simplistic towel racks and minimal flooring. It will be very modern and quite informal. It’s not always a style people will prefer in their homes, but it does help in sometimes selling a home if the rest of the house is minimal as well.

Indianapolis Individualism in the Bathroom

While having a simple bathroom to go with the rest of the house might be a good idea, many homeowners in Indianapolis are making their bathrooms more their own these days in different ways. Whether it’s in small ways or complete redo fashions, their bathrooms will reflect them in one way or another.

Some of the smaller ways to personalize a bathroom might be artwork, photographs, towels and other accessories. For a bathroom remodel, it might be a splash of one or more colors on the wall, tiles with special designs, colored cabinetry, and more. People will express themselves in who knows how many ways in the bathroom, making it their personal space. If there’s more than one bathroom and multiple people, there might be different designs between each. One bathroom might be for a child, so it will have posters, coloring and accents of a favorite film or TV show. Master baths might have special curtains draping over windows, decorations around a jacuzzi tub, and so on. It’s about making the bathroom just their own in Indianapolis, so there are a wide variety of combinations to use in pursuit of individuality.

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