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Houston Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Houston, Texas has some of the hottest summers and mildest winters in the United States. Traffic takes on a toll on the daily commuter, and the heat rising almost throughout the year makes homeowners in the area need a break often. Some bathrooms in the city will have windows that let in too much of the sun, or they will be less insulated because of degradation over time, meaning the air conditioner isn’t as effective. To fix this, Houston homeowners will remodel their bathroom to make it better for escaping the heat. Contractors in the area will charge an average of $10,603, though the prices can vary between $8,953 and $12,253 from project to project.

Designing the bathroom to withstand the heat is a major concern for Houston homeowners. Black is not a good color to have on the walls, for example. If there’s a window in the bathroom, draping curtains that cover the room from light is a good option. Checking the ventilation or installing new ones in such a way as to better cool the room should be taken into design considerations. Having a better bathtub to soak in for cooling down after a long day in the heat might be an addition to consider. Focus on what can be done to handle the heat, and the bathroom will turn into a cool, relaxing space to retreat into at the end of the day.

Remodeling to Increase Home Value in Houston

Houston homeowners work to increase their home values through remodels and renovations like those in a bathroom. The point is to get a return on their investment, so what they decide to change about the bathroom reflects that purpose. By making the bathroom more appealing without being eccentric, they increase the value of their home and get a better sale value when the time comes to move onto another home.

Some of the ways they do this is by painting the walls neutral colors, installing energy-efficient lighting and faucets, repair or refinishing cabinetry and countertops, and so on. If they do a complete remodel, the bathroom design they choose will be modern, maybe transitional or traditional depending on the home. They will choose good materials that will last for a long time and look appealing to buyers, like tile, granite and porcelain. Every piece in the bathroom will reflect the goal of increasing its value, and in most cases this will drive up their entire home’s value as a result.

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