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Bathroom Remodeling Prices

El Paso Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

El Paso, Texas hugs the border between New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. As such, the homes in the area reflect many different styles, including the bathroom. El Paso residents sometimes choose to modernize the style and make it flow better throughout the home. When calling in a contractor, they can expect to pay anywhere between $5,520 and $8,226 for an overhaul of their bathroom. It’s important that homeowners double-check the price of their remodel against the city average of $6,873 so they avoid paying more than necessary for a remodel.

As El Paso has a hilly landscape mixed with a southwestern desert appeal, it’s important that homeowners consider how their bathroom will fit with the landscape. If they do a completely eccentric bathroom, there’s a good chance the value will decrease because it varies so much. On the other hand, if homeowners in El Paso keep their bathrooms quite old, prospective homebuyers will likely not be interested. It’s important to balance what the bathroom will look like against what others might appear as throughout the city. Change is important in bathroom remodeling, but it’s always a question of balance in the real estate market.

Going Green in El Paso

El Paso homeowners are changing up their bathrooms to be more green, as the city lies within a desert and far from any water sources. This renovation can occur in a variety of fashions. For one, they can replace the faucets and showerheads with the energy-efficient alternatives. They can also install a dual-flush toilet to help reduce on water costs. Making sure their insulation is good in the bathroom is another step to preventing energy costs from rising due to the thermostat kicking on. LED lights are another quick and simple way to increase energy efficiency in the bathroom without paying too much.

When doing a complete overhaul, homeowners in El Paso can consider installing cabinets and countertops made from recycled material. They can also install bathtubs and showers that are designed for more efficiency, like a bathtub and shower combination over a jacuzzi tub or walk-in shower that work separately. Also designing the ventilation appropriately will cut down on energy costs. All the small and simple installations should also be considered in the larger scheme of the bathroom remodel to ensure maximum efficiency and lowered bills. Doing this also increases the value of the home, as prospective homeowners like having the chance to save money.

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