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Costs to Remodel a Bathroom

Dallas Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling continues to be a top priority to the residents of Dallas and its suburbs. Many homeowners in the area are remodeling their bathrooms to improve value, update an older version, or just because it’s time for a new look. When they’re looking for contractors in Dallas, it’s important to know that costs can be anywhere between $6,894 and $9,490 for the complete renovation. Unless residents plan to do something unexpected, this means that the average will be $8,192.

There are a variety of contractors specializing in remodeling in Dallas. That’s why it is crucial for Dallas homeowners to shop around, get the feel for a few of them and decide which will work best with them during the project. Having a contractor that fights you at every turn or tries to change the final product is not the one to hire. Ask questions and see what they say. If others homeowners have used this contractor, check online for reviews. Don’t be duped into a hassling remodeling with a bad contractor.

Bringing France to Dallas

Whether it’s in pieces or a complete makeover, many bathrooms in Dallas are starting to look like French implants. The French style of bathrooms means elegance, extravagance, and extra details. People will install chandelier lights, old-fashioned lamps, gilded mirrors, a beautiful jacuzzi tub, tiling with patterns and so on. It’s all about the beauty and artistic nature that France holds in great esteem. As such, Dallas homeowners have taken this theme and brought it into their homes.

Where the differences lie might be in small or big ways. If a French style is done in pieces, homeowners might not always have the gilded mirrors or chandeliers. The focus might be more on the tiling and the tub. If it’s a complete overhaul, then Dallas homeowners might compromise on the materials used in the construction of the cabinets and countertops. Dallas also embraces the concept of energy efficiency, so they will install some lighting, faucets or showerheads that might not be completely in tune with the rest of the design. However, most of the room will in some way be elegant or extravagant, which increases the home value as long as it flows well from the bathroom into a bedroom or other space.

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  • I’ve had several quotes to redo my shower. I have been watching Property Brothers and their remodels are so much cheaper than what I’m getting quoted, Why? help

  • @Nelson, it’s likely because the Property Brothers benefit from vertical integration. They find out their customers’ max budget, find and recommend buying a fixer-upper home with lots of projects to tackle but at a lower price point, they pocket the agent commission (likely in the $2-10k range depending on the area and house since it’s generally 2-5% of purchase price), and then pocket the entire house remodel budget minus what they pay assisting contractors (usually seems to be $50k minimum up to over $100k with a 4-6 week timeline and is typically 20-40% of the customers’ max budget). They also have their own shows (plural) on HGTV which gives them even more income streams so they can afford to do things a little cheaper than a regular contractor or team of contractors with that brand recognition.

    Assuming they do mostly back-to-back jobs, they conservatively can makeover 6-8 homes in a year, yielding them anywhere from $350,000 to $800,000 revenue before counting TV income, royalty/licensing deals, or any other ways to monetize their brand value. If they are juggling multiple homes, clients, and projects at the same time; this could also increase my conservative numbers.

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