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Prices for a Bathroom Remodel

Columbus Bathroom Renovation Costs - Average Price to Renovate a Bathroom

Columbus residents looking to remodel their bathrooms will have a variety of contractors to choose from. These contractors will charge different prices for a complete remodel, anywhere from $4,993 to $6,987. On average, homeowners in the city will pay about $5,990 if they want to transform their bathroom. These prices could also rise or fall depending on the project itself, and if homeowners plan to buy some of the supplies themselves rather than let the contractor do it.

With the Ohio weather, it’s important to make sure your bathroom has good insulation when it’s being remodeled. There are different types of insulation, like batt and rolled, so talk to the contractor about what kind is best for the bathroom. Remember, it’s all about retaining the temperature, so the thermostat doesn’t kick on a lot. Prices will vary depending on the type.

Columbus: Showering in Style

When undertaking a bathroom remodel, most Columbus residents opt to expand or remodel their shower more than their tub as part of the project. It’s a good way to get clean without laying down, which appeals to homeowners. Showers come in a few different types and many materials. The main types include:

  • Walk-in shower
  • Shower and tub combination
  • Wet room

These three can be made from various materials like tile, glass, stone, or composite if they’re prefab units. Deciding exactly which type and what material depends on how it flows with the rest of the room and what homeowners prefer. Walk-in showers work well for people who like a quick in and out. The shower and tub combination is more for people who like the option of having a bath every now and again. The wet room would be a bathroom with or without a wall separating the shower area from everywhere else, a good option for small bathrooms.

Composite will be the cheaper options for the shower, especially if homeowners choose a prefab unit or one that comes in a few pieces for quick installation. The prices will rise with using tile and glass, although many walk-in showers that come in pieces will be made from fiberglass, a cheaper alternative to real glass. Stone will be the most expensive, unless homeowners choose a special kind of tile made from porcelain that’s highly decorative. The shower will be the focal point of the room, so it’s important that it matches and moreover, that it lasts.

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