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Estimates for a Bathroom Remodel

Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Colorado Springs, nestled in the mountain landscape, enjoys all four seasons at both their best and worst. As such, residents want to be sure to have working bathrooms with good heat for the winter nights and cool fans or open windows for the warm days. Contractors in the area charge between $8,141 and $10,567 to transform bathrooms in the various ways people would like. This means that on average Colorado Springs homeowners will pay $9,354 for a bathroom remodel.

Taking the seasons into account, Colorado Springs residents should consider double-checking the ventilation and, if there are windows, the insulation around them. Having a good bathtub to soak in during the winter is less enjoyable if there’s a cold breeze seeping in through a leaking window frame. Improper ventilation could also mean a very foggy and warm bathroom during a hot summer day that’s less than ideal. If the entire room including the outer structure is going to be changed, then these will be less of a concern, but often remodels are more about the interior than exterior, so think about checking these just in case.

Putting the Light On

Colorado Springs residents like having color in their bathrooms, whether it’s on the walls or in the design of their flooring, countertops, cabinets or anywhere else. The colors tend to be on the lighter side, to better reflect sunlight or any kind of accent lighting. Colors can range anywhere from pastels to the more neutral colors, but it’s less likely that you will see deep red, blue, purple or black in a bathroom in the area.

If this might be too much in the design, Colorado Springs residents might accent their room with light colors in other ways. They could hang artwork, light-colored towels, mats, and such if it happens to be dark because of lighting or other issues. It’s also a good alternative when paint might be expensive or too time-consuming. That way, even during the darkest winter nights, they can feel light and refreshed when they soak in a warm tub in the bathroom.

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