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Prices for Bathroom Remodeling

Cleveland Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Cleveland has rock’n’roll, Lake Erie, white winters and the second largest population in the state of Ohio as part of its reputation. Its many residents help to fuel a culture of originality, which they illustrate both in their daily lives and in their homes. Bathroom remodeling, as a result, is one of many big projects that they perform towards that. The prices for remodeling contractors in the area varies from $5,639 to $7,397, though the cost depends more on the project than the contractor. Residents in Cleveland can expect to pay an average of $6,518 to turn their bathroom into its next incarnation, whether it’s a spa or a quick go-to every day and night.

Cleveland residents should consider looking into energy-efficient alternatives at every step of the bathroom remodel process. Whether it’s a faucet, lighting, showerhead or low-flow toilet, these will save you money in the long run on water and electricity, even if they may cost a bit more upfront. With the federal government giving tax breaks and Ohio’s incentives, this should entice homeowners to make the upgrades.

Longevity in Cleveland Bathrooms

Longevity lies at the focus of bathroom remodeling in Cleveland. The way the bathrooms are designed in the city emphasize this fact with the materials used in them and the styles chosen by homeowners in the redesign. For example, rather than installing large jacuzzi tubs or spa-like showers, they stick with the traditional small tub and shower combination or walk-in shower that’s simple and to the point. Another way to make the bathroom last longer is the use of quartz in countertops rather than porcelain or granite.

Other replacements to consider include stained wooden cabinets, tiling for the floor, energy-efficient pieces, and less natural light. It’s also important to make sure the plumbing and ventilation are in good working order as to avoid leaks, mold, mildew and the like. If needed, consider installing accessibility items like hand rails near the toilet and bathtub. It’s been seen that these can increase the cost of a home, and that way the home ages with you. The most important part, though, is maintenance. As long as it’s well-cared for and check every once in a while, the bathroom will endure for a long time.

Cleveland Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

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