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Average Costs in Chicago

Chicago Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

The Windy City is always moving forward, and the same can be said of their residents. Updating their bathrooms is one of many projects that Chicago residents take up to improve their homes. As such, there are a variety of contractors in the area who charge different prices for their remodeling services. On average homeowners will pay $9,150 for the renovation of their bathroom. However, these prices can change and range anywhere in the low zone at $7,863 to a high zone of $10,437. The prices will depend on the materials, time and exactly what kind of renovation Chicago homeowners have in mind.

If you’re keeping any of the old pieces from the bathroom, make sure they’re in good condition. Consider getting a plumber in to check the pipes underneath the sink and around the toilet to make sure they’re without leaks. Have him or her check for any problems with the shower or bathtub, if those will be staying throughout the renovation. It’s best to avoid any unplanned problems during or after the renovation.

His and Her Space Emphasis

Everyone needs their space, and that includes couples. Living together in a condo in the downtown area or in a house in the suburbs means sharing space in what can be small areas like the bathroom. To solve this problem, many Chicago homeowners have remodeled their bathrooms to include his and her space in the bathroom, so everyone has some breathing room. This means separate sinks, mirrors, storage cabinetry, and even their own towel racks.

His and her bathroom spaces can be done in many different styles: traditional, transitional, contemporary, and so forth. The focus is on making sure they complement each other. Often, unless remodeling in the eclectic style, both vanities will be of the same material and design. Everything about them will match, but they’ll just be in twos rather than singular. Some bathrooms even have the his and her spaces on opposite sides of the room, to give them even more space. It depends on what exactly Chicago residents are looking for in this design, and if it’s better to have them next to each other sharing a counter or apart.

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