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Costs to Remodel a Bathroom

Charlotte Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling in Charlotte varies from contractor to contractor in the area. Depending on the project, the price can vary anywhere from $11,157 to $13,261. On average, homeowners in the city will pay $12,209 for a complete remodel of their bathroom. That’s why Charlotte residents should be sure to check and see what contractors will be charging for, what the pieces will be for the new bathroom, and how it compares against others.

To help with these remodeling costs, it’s always a good idea to have a design plan in mind ahead of time. Whether you hire a professional designer or architect to draw the plans up, having some sketches in mind of what you want the new room to look like will save time, money and miscommunication. Look at pictures on the internet to get inspired, print some off to show the contractor. That way everyone knows what the new room should look like moving forward.

Charlotte Transitional

Charlotte bathroom remodels work from the theory, “transitional over traditional”. Most homes have the traditional style of bathrooms or the retro style from the 60s and 70s, that blends the female and male style together into a room that’s both modern and expansive in its style and decorations. Many traditional bathrooms can be loud in its color scheme or design. What transitional bathrooms do is pull from the traditional and contemporary styles to create one that’s simple but elegant.

Transitional means neutral colors and clean organization. There’s no clutter of where the bathtub is in relation to the vanity. The room flows from one end to the other without running into some part of it. There will often be wooden cabinets that can be natural or colored to the rest of the room. The flooring will be simple, though it could have a pattern that matches the room. The tub, shower and countertops will probably be white or another neutral. The colors will be in the accessories, though balanced out enough to not interrupt the room’s flow. It’s all about resting and relaxation, so the space will reflect that from top to bottom.

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