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Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

Boston Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Boston homeowners can expect to pay about $10,087 for a complete bathroom remodel by a professional contractor. Homeowners should be aware that these prices can go lower to $8,691 or higher to $11,483, depending on what exactly the remodel will involve. Check with the contractor about the aspects of the remodel and make sure that everything in it matches expectations.

To cut costs, consider buying some of the supplies. Contractors often charge extra for buying the pieces of the bathroom remodel. If there are parts that are affordable, then do that and save some money. It might be the tiling, faucets, sinks, or even ordering the bathtub ahead of time. It will save some money that can either go back into the project or the pocket for another project down the road.

Elegance in Boston Bathrooms

When considering what kind of remodel to do in the bathroom, the popular trend to take into account is elegance. Boston bathroom remodels trend towards a kind of sophistication, whether it’s changing the entire room to be more tasteful or making a few changes to update the style and improve the look. The elegance in a transformation takes the room back to the nobility days in Europe, with expansive bathtubs, gilded mirrors, chandelier lighting, Greek columns and so forth. It’s a room worthy of a palace.

On a project-based level, the elegance can come from a spa-sized bathtub replacing a smaller one. There’s also installing gilded mirrors to replace ones without frames. Decorations also increase the beauty of the room, like paintings, sculptures, and well-placed flora. If the room is big enough, a Boston homeowner could buy a velvet chair to go with the vanity. Tiling that appears like granite is another way to take the room to another level without spending too much money. These projects will vary in cost but will help in budgeting towards a complete remodel.

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