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How Much Will the Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Baltimore Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

The cost of bathroom remodeling contractors in Baltimore ranges from $8,985 to $11,641, depending on the project and extent of the work. On average, this means that homeowners in the area pay $10,313 by the time all of the work is finished. Baltimore owners should shop around the different contractors in the area to make sure they don’t pay more than the average and to get the best person on the job, so the bathroom turns on the way they want.

Other projects to consider before a complete remodel is installing energy efficient lighting, faucets, and a showerhead to help improve the room. If you’re interested in updating the cabinets or countertops, consider refacing or refinishing them rather than a replacement. If you have tile in the bathroom, consider updating them with staining. There’s also the option to replace the bathtub or shower, but that will be on the more expensive side as a project.

Baltimore Bathtubs

In Baltimore bathroom remodeling society, the focal point is the bathtub. Whether it’s part of an entire remodel or just a solo project, contractors and designers place specific emphasis on the bathtub.

There are five types of bathtubs that fit into different types of bathroom remodels, and they include:

  • Alcove: used to increase space
  • Drop-in tubs: separate enclosure
  • Undermounts: installed into the floor
  • Corner tubs: used for two people to bathe
  • Freestanding tubs: can maximize space, but often more useful for relaxation
  • Clawfoot tubs: good for soaking, relaxation

These five types have variations to best suit the needs of the bathroom design and the homeowner. Some might have jacuzzi features for a nice spa at the end of the night. Others will be combined with a shower in the room to create a space for more than one person. Designers will know what additions or complements need to be included. Baltimore homeowners should look into bathtubs and which serves their needs beforehand so the contractor and designer know how to format the bathroom and can do the project quicker. That way the bathtub will be just right with the rest of the room.

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