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Average Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Austin Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Austin bathroom remodeling varies from project to project, but often the style or complexity found across the city falls within the same price range. Most Austin homeowners pay between $8,851 and $12,083 for a complete makeover of their bathrooms, with an average of $10,467 spent on the final space. This could include new bathtubs or showers, a complete floor replacement, energy efficiency upgrades and more.

What kind of bathroom remodel works best for your budget and plans? Figuring out what in your bathroom needs to stay or go is a crucial first step before hiring a contractor, plumber or electrician to come out and do the work. If you plan to keep many of the original pieces, a complete remodel will only be necessary if it’s structural parts that you intend to change like the flooring, walls, or windows. Draw up a plan of what you intend for the new bathroom and then show it to a contractor. You could end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Putting the Old West Back in Austin

Perhaps as part of its Old West roots or because of the culture, many Austin bathroom remodels are turning towards the farm or cottage style as part of a return to the “classic” version of the Texas home. Wood is integral to this design in many cases. Designers and contractors will install wooden countertops, cabinets, framed mirrors, window frames and even wooden floors to help the room look more natural and akin to the country cabin or cottage look. It’s natural, alive and breathes with the room.

Other ways to create the cottage or farm style in the bathroom is to have a clawfoot tub or a glass shower against a wood-framed wall. Designers also dress windows in the bathroom with old-fashioned curtains or other types of covering that are reminiscent of the past. The sink will be dropped in the counter and can have a rustic faucet to complete the look. The room’s focus is on the natural look. There will be modern influences like energy efficient lighting, but otherwise it’s all about the past and the simplicity associated with farm style.

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