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Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Dallas Bathroom Remodel Costs - Average Price to Remodel a Bathroom

Arlington, Texas lies within the bustling metropolis of Dallas and therefore shares many of its bathroom remodeling contractors with other suburbs and the metro area. Together, their average costs for remodeling bathrooms in the area runs an average of $8,192, though the project can either run the cost lower to $6,894 or higher to $9,490, depending on exactly what the homeowner wants their new bathroom to look like or function as.

These costs assume a complete bathroom remodel though, not a piece by piece or sole change to the bathroom. Changing the flooring, bathtub, shower, countertops and so forth will cost a different amount that factor into the total cost of the bathroom remodel but will be less if done separately. It’s best to consult with the contractor and see what changes to the room will best fit with the final image and do the right projects as needed, if a complete remodel is too far outside the budget.

French Arlington

Arlington shares the Dallas trend to emulate French design style in their bathroom remodels. As one of the most important rooms in French culture, they hold nothing back when it comes to the form and fashion of the room. The usual point driving this luxurious style is the bathtub, often of the free-standing, clawfoot variety. For those who choose to keep their original bathtubs or showers, other decorations of the French style include pastel paint on the walls and cabinets, glamorous lighting and gilded mirrors.

Arlington bathroom remodels sometimes step away from the French trend in terms of making the room more natural and earthy. Rather than pastel colors, they’ll use deep browns or greens for the paint, leaving it off entirely from wooden cabinets and countertops to enunciate their natural beauty. There will also generally be less glamour in some of the decorations. Where French will be included in such situations includes the design of the countertops, the tub or the some of the decorations around the windows.

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