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A bathroom remodel in Ohio can be a huge project. However, a gorgeous new bathroom can make the entire undertaking worthwhile. Considerations of a successful remodel include the cost, permits, contractors and whether to incorporate sustainable elements into the upgrade. The information below can help homeowners negotiate these issues and more.

Bathroom Remodel Estimates

Akron Bathroom Remodel Costs

An important first step in remodeling a bathroom is determining a budget. In Akron, Ohio, homeowners typically spend between $4,700 and $6,600, and the average cost for the project is $5,600. To be safe, homeowners may wish to budget above this amount, especially for a project that involves a lot of high-end fixtures or a complete removal of the old bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends & Resources

Green and Sustainable Resources

For homeowners who want their project and new bath to be eco-friendly, it is best to start thinking along those lines early. A few green and sustainable resources that serve the area include:

Permit Regulations

Since 2009, the City of Akron has not handled permits, instead passing along this governmental function to Summit County, which has posted complete listing of adopted codes on its website’s Building Standards page along with a permit application form and fee schedule. Homeowners working through a contractor or plumber can generally rely on professionals to handle the process of obtaining a permit, but the homeowner may be responsible for providing the permit fee on top of labor costs.

Water Usage in Akron

The city uses almost 48 million gallons of water per day on average with the primary source being surface water such as lakes and rivers. The system serves more than 223,000 residents on public water.

For general questions in managing water-related issues, the City of Akron Utilities office or the City of Akron Water Supply Bureau might have the answer, whether it pertains directly to the remodel or otherwise. The Akron Water Plant Division provides a FAQ page on their website to answer any water-related questions.

Questions to Ask Contractors

For homeowners hiring a contractor for their remodel, it’s important to choose one that is qualified to do the job and has a reputation for excellent work. In a manner of speaking, the homeowner is conducting a job interview when he or she searches for a building contractor.

It is important to ask contractors about their level of experience, request references from previous bathroom remodels they have completed and ask how long they have been in business. More closely related to the project at hand, homeowners will want to know the timeline for the job and to get an itemized budget or estimate. The contractor should also be able to explain their typical job site routine. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but asking these questions and listening to the answers can give a homeowner a sense of what kind of work the contractor will do and how the work will be completed.

For homeowners concerned about how contractors in Akron, OH, are rated, they should contact the local Better Business Bureau or read online reviews that rate contractors’ performance and provide insight into their work habits, dependability and even honesty.

Common Remodeling Mistakes

Common mistakes made during a bathroom remodel often arise from using materials not intended for this job, such as screws that rust when exposed to moisture or drywall not designed for the humidity of a bathroom. These errors may not show right away; however, over time they can cause problems with rust stains and mold. Other mistakes are more general, such as improper measurement or installation of fixtures. Making sure the job is done by an experienced contractor and inspected for quality can help ensure that any mistakes are avoided.

Disability-Related Remodels

A more accessible bathroom not only benefits those with disabilities, but these options can make the room more spacious and comfortable for everyone. Many features such as showers without curbs, hand-held shower heads and wide doors are already used in luxury baths. Other accessibility options include wheelchair-friendly counter heights, dual support bars beside the toilet and easy-to-reach fixtures.

Homeowners working on a bathroom remodel project can get ideas for more luxury and design upgrades at the following showrooms in Akron:

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