Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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If you’re struggling to transform a small bath into a room that is both practical and visually pleasing, use these small bathroom remodeling ideas to design a bath that’s short on space but big on style. Every home remodeling project is as challenging as it is rewarding. Working within the limits of a small area provides unique obstacles as well as unexpectedly concise and striking results.

Practical Matters in Small Bathrooms

Whether your small bathroom is a half-bath containing only a toilet and sink, a three-quarter bath that includes a shower or tub, or a full bath with both a standing shower and a tub, the first step in successful remodeling is to assess the space.

  • Small Bathroom Fixtures
    Unless you are planning major demolition and new construction, the placement of the existing plumbing fixtures will determine the layout of your new bath. A floating vanity preserves a traditional look without dominating the room. Pedestal or wall-mounted sinks have clean, modern lines, and the absence of a countertop automatically eliminates clutter.
  • Smart Storage
    Storage space is always at a premium, and never more so than in a tiny powder room. Open or built-in shelving is airier than a bank of blank drawers. Hanging cabinets and deep medicine chests can free up floor space. Use decorative baskets or boxes to store rolled towels, and incorporate tile niches in showers and baths to hold soap, shampoo and shaving supplies.

Embrace Your Small Space

Once you’ve addressed the necessities of function, you can begin to explore the nuances of form. Smart small bathroom remodeling strives to make petite rooms look and feel larger while retaining personality and flair. Try these tiny bathroom remodel ideas to maximize the available space in your own unique way:

  • Divide and Conquer
    Chair rails, wainscot and decorative panels can divide the room, drawing the eye and making the bath appear larger. Try vinyl bead-board below the chair rail for a waterproof surface that adds instant style. A ceramic tile border running the perimeter of the room opens up the available space.
  • Reach for the Sky
    Vertical lines in small spaces emphasize height, raising the ceiling and making rooms feel more expansive. Wallpapers with big, bold stripes add visual interest to contemporary spaces. In quieter designs, extending wall tile to the ceiling or just below adds height without overwhelming the color scheme.
  • White and Bright
    A monochromatic color scheme in white, ivory or cream can create a tranquil space filled with beautiful and flattering light. Give depth to single-shade palettes with textured porcelain or discreetly veined marble tiles. Use sheer window treatments to open up windows and allow natural light into the room.
  • Go Bold
    It may seem counterintuitive, but a very small bathroom is often a great place to use brilliant colors or striking looks that would be overlooked or intrusive in a larger room. Combine vivid papers or paints with minimalist floors and fixtures to make a statement without overpowering the space.
  • Reflective Surfaces
    Repeating reflections create the illusion of depth even in the smallest bathrooms. Glass shower doors opposite a wall mirror double back on one another, adding to the impression of space. A decorative arrangement of staggered mirrors in interesting shapes or a mosaic of jewel-toned glass tiles adds warmth and light.

Tiny Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Tiny guest baths and powder rooms that do no more than provide the basic facilities don’t have to be stripped-down industrial spaces. Try these tips and tricks to bring designer style to even the most compact bathrooms.

  • Add a skylight – Installing a small round skylight in a windowless room is a usually simple and inexpensive upgrade that instantly brightens dim interiors.
  • Go Off the Wall – Use elaborate hooks or towel rings along with wall-mounted sinks, wall sconces and soap dispensers to maximize efficiency in minimal space.
  • Create an Optical Illusion – A fully mirrored wall does double-duty in a tiny bathroom by providing a full-length mirror while creating an impression of space.
  • Cultivate Contrast – Use color to create designer interiors in very small rooms. Paint a single statement wall in a bold blue or burgundy, or use alternating black and white floor tiles for a vintage look. An elaborately framed mirror or other ornate element can create a focal point that adds visual interest to otherwise functional spaces.
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  • These are some great ideas. Some additional thoughts. Create a spa feel with warm soft natural tones, put out some candles or polished stones in a dish. Ceramic or porcelain tile give an upscale feel and can be economical if one keeps to a budget. Keep the storage to a minimum so not to croud the space. You can see examples of bathrooms I have remodeled at my website.

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