1950s Retro Bath Remodeling and More

The decade of the 1950’s in the United States was a time of exciting and monumental changes. Soldiers coming back from WWII were ready to settle down, buy houses, and start families. Money generated from WWII gave people the income to not only buy houses, but to buy the latest technologically advanced home appliances and cars. The huge demand for housing led to some of the first prefabricated homes and the quickly built, efficient ranch style homes. The space race between the United States and Russia inspired architects, artists, and car manufacturers alike and houses, artwork, and cars took on a futuristic look. The cold, dreary war had ended and people were ready for color. Home interiors were painted with bright, cheery colors such as pink, orange, turquoise and yellow. Pink was all the rage; both bathrooms and kitchens were commonly painted pink, and even pink appliances were sold.

Television soared in popularity in the fifties and nearly every household had one. Due to television and advances in mass media, consumerism truly took hold and popular culture flourished. Rock and Roll was born and the birth of a teen culture and many fads followed; Jazz and R&B music were very popular at the time as well. Records and record players could be found in most homes. Despite the optimism of the time, people had to live with fear of nuclear war; popular culture, art, architecture, homes, and home decor reflected the hope, confidence, and optimism of the American people that they would overcome the trials of the present decade, as they had overcome those of the past. The houses of the 1950’s tell an exciting story of a culture on the verge of an entirely new way of life.



  • 1950’s Home Interiors – View charming pictures of authentic 1950’s style kitchens.
  • 1950s Pink Kitchen – The Wisconsin Historical Society shares pictures of an authentic 1950’s kitchen and its pink oven, tile, counter top, and range.
  • Homes: Period Style 1950  – Details of 1950s home decor elements are covered here, especially kitchen elements, with a photo of a kitchen.
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  • The 1950s All-Electric House – The Johnson County Museum in Kansas showcases a 1950s house; click on the image gallery to see pictures of a 1950’s bedroom and other rooms of the house.
  • Image Archives 1950s Bedrooms – A gallery of authentic 1950s photographs are on display on this page.
  • Pace Setter House of 1950 – Several photos of 1950s bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and house exteriors are shown in this digital library.

Living Rooms

House Styles

  • The Lustron Home – Read all about the Lustron Home, the prefabricated home of the 1950s on this website and peruse several pictures of the houses.
  • Living in a Lustron, the 1950s House of the Future – Minnesota Public Radio interviews a man about living in a 1950s prefabricated Lustron home.
  • Ranch and Raised Ranch – Ranches and split level ranches were extremely popular house styles during the 1950’s, and they are described on this page.
  • Modern House Types – A chapter from the book North American House Types covers the house types popular in the fifties; included are Ranch, Split level, Split Foyer, Contemporary, and American International style houses.
  • Suburban Growth – Reasons for the growth of suburbia in the fifties are explained, and the prefabricated homes made by William Levitt are described.
  • The Suburban Ranch House in Post-World War II America – The reasons for the popularity of ranch homes in suburban settings during the anxiety filled post war period are studied in this paper.
  • Orange’s Eichlers  – Joe Eichler built the famous Eichler tract homes of the 1950s in California-this article is a comprehensive history of them.

Art & Architecture

Events & Technology

Fashion and Fads

  • Fascinated with French Poodles – An example of 1950s wallpaper is shown here. Poodles were a popular theme in the 1950s.
  • From Atoms to Patterns – Scientific discoveries in x-ray crystallography inspired the patterns of the 1950s; these patterns appeared on everything from curtains to dresses.
  • American Cultural History 1950-1959 – A guide to facts, events, fads, technology, art, music, and television of the 1950s.
  • 1950s Rock ‘n Roll Clothing  – Circle skirts, poodle skirts, rolled pant legs, and sweater vests were some of the popular clothing of the 1950s.
  • 1950s Clothing Fashion – Clothing fashion for men and women is displayed with pictures and written about here.
  • Fifties Fads and Fashions  – Poodle skirts, letter jackets, and hula hoops are some of the fads of the fifties that you can read about on this page.


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