Simple Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

simple bathroom remodeling

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Your home’s bathroom is likely to be one of the most frequently-visited rooms. Doesn’t it make sense to use a variety of simple bathroom remodeling ideas within this room in order to to impress your guests, add to your home’s value, and offer you a comfortable retreat where you can recharge?

Always Plan Ahead

One of the first things you’ll want to do before jumping into a bathroom remodel is to develop a budget. Think about how much money you can use for this project, and add an extra 15 to 20 percent in case you have some unexpected expenses. In the world of remodeling, it’s more often the norm rather than the exception to spend a little more money than you have originally planned.

Update Your Bathroom Walls

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a whole new look is with paint – or perhaps wallpaper. Changing the look of the walls provides a huge visual impact within the room, so this project is an uncomplicated and straightforward effort that can transform your bathroom’s appearance in a big way.

To choose a color, first think about the feeling that you are trying to achieve. Do you want a cheerful pick-me-up effect from the room? Choose a bright tone such as a muted yellow or a soft orange to enliven the room without being too garish. On the other hand, if you are going more for a tranquil spa-type feeling, you’ll want to select from a range of cooler colors, such as a calm blue, a subtle tan, or a soothing green. You might even want to look into the trendy “greige” color palette; it’s a blend of grey and beige that lends itself well to a neutral bathroom color scheme.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

When brainstorming for simple bathroom remodeling ideas, look for projects that provide large impact without requiring a lot of time or money. Is the cabinetry looking worn and dated? Rather than replace the cabinets, consider refinishing instead. This project gives your cabinets a fresh new look without the big price tag that new cabinets feature.

Does the bathroom tile look as if it’s seen better days? It may just need new grout rather than a whole new tile job. Bonus: By updating the grout, you can switch to a whole new grout color, if you like.

Add Small Details with Big Impact

In a room as small as a bathroom, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact. Consider the bathroom mirror. Replacing a plain Jane mirror with an oversize mirror in a decorative frame not only freshens the bathroom’s appearance, but it also visually enlarges the space within the room’s interior.

Other simple bathroom remodeling ideas revolve around the focal point of the bathroom sink: Choosing high-impact fixtures or an artistic sink bowl turns an ordinary faucet or sink into a centerpiece that makes the room sing.

Whatever the vision that you have for your bathroom remodel, invest the time up front to think about your budget and to plan the simple bathroom remodeling ideas that will result in a new bathroom which offers you a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat from your day-to-day routine. Here are some other ideas to help:

Replace the Existing Toilet

While the toilet may not be something that gets talked about, it is still an integral part of any bathroom. For that reason, investing in a new toilet can be an easy way to upgrade an item that gets used often in the space. Plumbers can remove existing toilets and install new models, or homeowners with some experience can try to handle the removal process on their own.

Change Out Existing Hardware

In many bathrooms, the shower faucet doesn’t match the sink faucet, which in turn doesn’t match the knobs or handles of the cabinets. To create a streamlined look in an hour or two of time, try replacing all of the hardware in the bathroom with matching items. Picking bronze, stainless steel or gold can be an effective way to get the cohesive look of a modern and updated bathroom space.

Refinish the Tub or Shower

Replacing an entire shower or tub is a big job, and it may be out of the budget for some homeowners. Thankfully, a much simpler way to upgrade these major items is to refinish them altogether. Whether a homeowner chooses DIY refinishing or a more professional approach, the process involves a thick coat of material that essentially eliminates the appearance of any yellowing, scratches or dents in the original tub.

A bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a long, expensive and time-consuming project. Whether homeowners want to tackle DIY jobs on their own or hire a professional, smaller tasks like replacing hardware, adding new grout, refinishing the tub or updating the flooring are all simple and effective ways to give the space an upgrade.

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  • I have had very bad luck with pitting and peeling of the molecularly thin brass and chrome coatings on bathroom fixtures. No abrasive cleaners are used, but I do use a watered-down vinegar solution for ridding them of water spots and then they get polished with a soft dry cloth. My water is from a well on our property. It contains a high percentage of minerals. All the bathroom water is softened. I am remodeling the bath. 1) Should I try a different finish on new fixtures? If so, what should it be? 2) Should I look for fixtures with a thicker final application of the chrome or brass? 3) Would stainless steel be a better choice? Ceramic? 4) Where can I find unbiased reviews of fixtures like Delta, Kohler, and others, for mechanics, finish and ease of installation?

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