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Contemporary bathroom remodeling can turn your hard-working bathroom into a showcase for chic and sleek style. Whether you want a high-tech room built for function or a calm and serene space designed for relaxation, these modern bathroom remodeling ideas can inspire stylish bathroom transformations.

Perhaps no other room in the home is better suited for a contemporary transformation than a utilitarian bathroom. In a room that features multiple practical fixtures, the modern credo of “form follows function” is particularly apt. Contemporary bathroom remodeling lets you incorporate the latest high-tech bathroom products into the design without sacrificing style for function. From faucets and fixtures to patterns, palettes and products, here are the latest trending modern bathroom remodel ideas.

Floating Fixtures

No matter how grand in scope a bathroom remodeling may be, real estate is always at a premium. Design strategies that make the room feel more expansive are always welcome. When space is limited, think vertical. Wall-mounted fixtures and faucets may not add much physical square footage to the space but by lifting them off floors and counters, they add a modern, light and airy feel to a room often weighted down by too many fixtures.

  • Wall-mounted vanities – Movement and dynamism are hallmarks of the modern decorative style, but the visual weight of traditional vanities tugs the eye downwards, bringing the focus to a screeching halt. Mounting the vanity off the floor keeps the energy flowing.
  • Wall-mounted toilets – The humble commode takes on new style when mounted on the wall.
  • Wall-mounted sink faucets – Moving faucets to the wall helps keep countertop clutter at bay and adds sleek style to a hard-working vanity.
  • Ceiling showerhead fixtures – From showerheads that make you feel as if you’re standing under a waterfall to those that give the sensation of garden rain shower, water flowing from above is the latest trend in modern luxury showers.

Modern Sparkle

Abundant light is an essential design component of a modern bathroom remodel. In addition to providing ample natural and artificial light, materials with a reflective surface can fill a contemporary bathroom remodel with sparkling ambience. Glass mosaic tiles for shower surrounds have been strong trend in modern bathroom remodeling for some time. Sleeker and slimmer rectangular glass tiles are the newest fashion. Arranged in a multicolor pattern, they give the illusion of falling water.

Sculptural Style

A free-standing bathtub invites long, relaxing soaks and also offers opportunities to add a strong sculptural element to a modern bathroom remodel. Free-standing bathtubs with lips, flairs or curls turn bathtubs into works of art. They are often the strongest focal point in the room.

As the setting for morning grooming tasks, bathrooms with a sleekly modern, invigorating air help set an energetic tone for the day to come. Contemporary bathroom remodeling can be ideal for relaxing spa bathrooms too. A minimal style combined with luxury materials can imbue a functional bathroom with the serene atmosphere of a Zen garden. A modern approach to bathroom remodeling offers multiple opportunities to wed practical function with stellar style.

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