Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

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If your bathroom has outdated fixtures, or you’re simply tired of looking at decor you’ve had for decades, it’s a good time to take charge and renovate. Even if you have limited resources, a full or partial bathroom remodel is within reach. Here are a few great remodeling ideas for even the strictest budgets.

The Bathroom Challenge: Remodeling Ideas on a Tight Budget

  • Fixture Fixes

  • If you have a damaged or unsightly toilet, sink or bathtub, replacement isn’t the only option. When possible, keep fixtures that are intact, fully functional and safe. Disguise ugly toilets with accessories. You can probably refinish your tub or sink if it’s made from porcelain, fiberglass or cast iron. If replacement is necessary, look for a used fixture in good condition before buying a new one. When the faucet is updated, the contrast between antique bronze or brushed nickel and the white porcelain of the sink is stunning. An updated faucet changes the room more than one might think.

  • Storage and Lighting

  • Wood cabinets can be painted or refinished, and most minor wood damage can be repaired. If you lack storage space, use any extra wall space to install shelving. Using recycled wood is a great way to save money, and you can easily paint or stain the wood to match any existing cabinetry. An aesthetically pleasing vanity can also help change the feel of the room. The vanity is the focal point of the space. A pedestal or dresser-style vanity reflects a contemporary or comfortable bathroom, respectively.

    Buying a new countertop is expensive. Fortunately, you have two do-it-yourself options that are affordable; you can tile the countertop or refinish it. With the right materials, you can even mimic a marble or granite-like appearance.

    Bathrooms are often outfitted with construction-grade mirrors. The unadorned glass does nothing for the room; it is purely a functional object. A resident can update the room by adding a mirror with a beveled edge or one that is housed in a frame.

    Instead of spending money on extravagant mood lighting, simply add a dimmer switch to existing light fixtures.

  • Flooring and Walls

  • Although the floor and walls make up most of the visible surface in the room, they’re often the least expensive to revamp. Laying tile isn’t difficult; in most cases, you can do this yourself.

    While the word “paneling” may bring to mind the floor-to-ceiling wood paneling that was popular in the 1970s, wainscot paneling is a different feature. When applied from floor to mid-wall, the room transformation is immediate. This effect makes a room memorable paired with bold wall paint.

    To save money while still getting a luxurious look, select a durable but inexpensive ceramic tile and use this for the majority of your floor or backsplash. Use a few expensive tiles as accents. Glass mosaic and reflective tiles make rooms seem larger. If you’re happy with your current tile and just want to clean it up, simply re-grout, re-caulk and make any necessary repairs.

  • Smaller Projects

  • Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting and expensive task. In many cases, the tools needed don’t require a lot of money, and a professional can help with more involved projects. By investigating some of these options, anyone can enjoy a room’s metamorphosis. There are a lot of small things that can be added to accessorize the space. A resident might:

    • Add shelving and store rolled towels on them to create a spa look
    • Hang tasteful art on the walls
    • Change the shower curtain
    • Reduce the clutter on top of the vanity and store bottles away from view
    • Invest in floor rugs
    • Use color accessories on the vanity, such as a vase with cut flowers
    • Add a new trash basket that matches the theme
    • Store toilet paper in a covered holder

    Paint is one of the cheapest and most effective remodeling tools. Choose lighter colors to improve light reflection and make rooms seem larger. Consider creating accent walls or using textured painting techniques for unique dimensional effects.

Disaster Protection Tips

  • Organize First

  • If you’re going to implement bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that has little room for mistakes, be sure that your project goes smoothly. Prioritize and plan carefully. Complete your work on plumbing, electrical wiring, fixtures and cabinetry before painting or installing new tile or flooring.

  • Know Your Limits

  • To avoid paying for projects twice, attempt only do-it-yourself ideas that you have the skills, experience and confidence to complete. Hire professional contractors when in doubt, especially when dealing with electricity and plumbing issues. Faulty installations could be dangerous or cause expensive structural damage.

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