Bathroom Remodel Designs: Tips on How to Design Your Next Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel design

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Whether planning a complete bathroom remodel or a simple makeover, the design of the room determines how well the room will work and how well you’ll feel when you’re using it. These savvy bathroom remodeling design ideas can help ensure that you get the design right.

A bathroom is one of the most private spaces in your home, yet it’s also one of the rooms that the household uses the most. Inspired bathroom remodeling designs can improve the function of the hard-working room while transforming the space with style. Getting the design right needn’t take months of planning and preparation. A few bright bathroom remodeling design tips and tools can simplify the process.

Set the Boundaries For Your Design

A successful bathroom remodel design begins by setting a firm budget. Experts recommend setting aside up to 20 percent of the budget for unforeseen expenses. When planning the room’s layout, keep in mind that changing the location of plumbing fixtures drives up costs. Moving a toilet can require moving the waste line as well, an expensive endeavor.

Setting the spatial boundaries of the room is just as important as setting a budget. Trying to fit all the amenities that you want for your renovation into the 50-square-feet of space that comprises the average American bathroom is a challenging proposition. Annexing space from an adjacent closet, hallway or bedroom can open up design options.

Marry Function with Style

A properly designed bathroom fits the lifestyle of those who most frequently use the room, both in style and in function. Those who use the bathroom determine its function. For busy bathrooms with multiple users, storage may be a prime consideration. For couples, amenities like double-sink vanities may be a higher priority.

The bathroom’s style should reflect personal taste and enhance the atmosphere of the room. If you’re looking for a bathroom that helps get you up and going in the morning, include elements in the design that give the space a feeling of dynamism and energy. If you want to create a private retreat where you can relax at the end of a busy day, choose design elements that evoke calm and serenity.

Use Bathroom Remodel Design Tools

Learning how to design a bathroom remodel is made easier when you can visualize the result. While sketches made on graph paper can give you a general idea of the planned space, using 3D software programs helps bring the plan to life. Be sure to include the bare bones of a bathroom remodel when drafting your plan, including the location of utility outlets as well as windows and doors.

Hiring a professional designer or architect to draft the layout of the bathroom remodel for you can be worthwhile. As these professional make their living by staying abreast of the latest trends and design solutions, their advice may save you money over the long run.

Keep Resale in Mind

In today’s real estate market, you can expect to recoup up to 62 percent of your costs for a bathroom remodel when it comes time to sell your home, according to the nation’s leading remodeling publication. To ensure the best return on your investment, make sure that your choices complement your home and include the modern amenities that homebuyers want.

A properly designed bathroom won’t just increase the market value of your home but will enhance your life at home too. Use these tips and tools to narrow down your design choices before beginning the search for a contractor. With a clear vision of the design goals that you wish your remodel to accomplish, a star contractor can turn your idea of dream bathroom into reality.

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  • Im having my small bathroom remodeled,since I will not be moving I plan to remove bathtub to a shower im a senior.This is an old condo and adjusrments are to be made with drain pipe,what kind of problems would the plumber encounter. There are 4 floors above me.The company doing my remodeling is reputable and its costing a lot of concerns with the above units having problems and ruining my tile or ceilings.please give me some suggestions.

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