Bathroom Remodeling Permit Regulations

When preparing for a bathroom remodel, several factors come into play including the possibility of a permit. States vary on what they define as a “bathroom remodel”, in terms of major alterations requiring a permit. Usually smaller projects like cabinet work, faucet replacement, flooring—anything non-structural—will not require a permit beforehand. However, electrical or plumbing work will need one because they’re dangerous and need licensed professionals.

Before proceeding with a project like this, the best method is to check the international codes, which every state has adopted or modeled their building codes off of in some way. The main codes to consider for bathroom remodeling projects include:

They should also see if the state has adopted or created its own version of NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code.

To help homeowners, here are the specific departments in each state that handle building permit regulations and outline the state codes, including the US capital. It’s best to contact these government divisions before proceeding, as to assure whether or not a permit will be needed and if so, acquire it as soon as possible.

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